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The first step in the process is an assessment of the needs of the individual and this can be done either in person or on the telephone by one of our highly qualified and experienced alcohol experts. This is usually followed by an admission for a medically based alcohol detox which will safely enable the affected person to safely withdraw from a physical dependency on alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab

The real work of the rehabilitation process begins after the completion of the detox. The purpose of that process is to enable the man or woman who has been suffering, often for many years, to live life in a fuller, happier and more rewarding fashion. Every person who comes to us for treatment for alcohol problems is treated as an individual and we use whatever therapeutic process is best suited to help them understand the nature of their problem and give them the tools to deal with life without alcohol.

We use many of the treatment methods that have enabled us to be acknowledged as one of the leading treatment centres in the country for over eighteen years; at the same time we are constantly aware of any innovative therapies that will improve our service. We also firmly believe that treating alcoholism requires a holistic approach and more details of the therapeutic treatments available and a typical weekly programme can be found by following this link. Some of the interventions used include one-one counselling, group therapy, alternative therapies, family therapy as well as a variety of workshops on topics including relapse prevention, shame and guilt, self-esteem, assertiveness, anger management, stress management, relationships and many more.

Alcohol rehab

I just thought you would like to know how Adam, our son is doing. He came to you 3 years ago this month. He is still clean and is very happily enjoying life to the full. He will getting married in April of next year. He did not do the support network after leaving you but went to another area for a new start so you would not have heard through the grapevine how he was doing. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and it is very much appreciated.
Millie and Russ.

We never take for granted the financial sacrifice required in many cases to access alcohol rehab. We publish our prices on our website and those prices include a full medical detox and all of the therapeutic treatment we offer.

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