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Welcome to The Providence Projects website. The fact that you are accessing our site probably means that you or a loved one needs help. If this is the case we would like to affirm you for having the courage to seek help and assure you that our drug rehab and alcohol rehab centres treat everyone with care, dignity and respect and are places of healing and hope. Everyone is treated with kindness and understanding and we are here in order to help you or a loved one break the cycle of addiction and find freedom from the presenting addictive disorder and its underlying problems.

Situated in Bournemouth on the South Coast of the UK and just a few minutes walk from the seven miles of golden sands, The Providence Projects are dedicated to deliver the best quality rehabilitation programmes at a cost effective price.

We offer the complete package to those who are affected and are seeking relief from the devastating effects of the disease of addiction.

Our multi-disciplinary highly trained professional staff deliver our intensive and effective treatment programme to those suffering from dependence on alcohol and all other drugs as well as working with the eating disordered, gamblers and those suffering from other addictive disorders. We also work closely with family members and loved ones whose lives are also affected by the presenting addiction.

Many of our members of both the clinical and support team are themselves in recovery so we do understand how the alcoholic and addict feels as we felt that way ourselves before finding recovery.

The Providence Methodology, which we devised, is a unique programme which offers initial assessment, individual care planning, detox and full medical interventions delivered in superb primary and secondary settings. We also offer our exciting aftercare service.

I just want to say that The Providence Project have not only turned my son Dean's life around but also mine and his family and son.

The Providence has opened up his mind and soul. He has been given a new set of values to live by and stripped away the old. He's been completely reborn.

Thanks to all the excellent staff and counsellors my son has a life and now I do too. He is just so so happy thanks to your help.

I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. You've given me back my loving, caring, intelligent son. Thank you all.

Betty Lyons

The Providence Projects have been successfully providing rehabilitation treatment since 1996. Since that time Dr. Turnbull, a leading light in the field of addiction, has overseen all alcohol detox and heroin detox regimes. Detox is often the first stage of a drug rehabilitation programme although it is certainly not the long term solution. The key to successful rehabilitation is the therapy programme. In order to break the cycle of addiction and address the underlying issues, most people require more than simply a detox. A period of treatment, which can be anything from 28 days to 6 months is necessary.

The Providence Projects treat all forms of drug addiction in the rehab centre. Treatments for alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, cannabis addiction, benzo addiction and more recently ketamine and mephedrone addiction are offered in the rehabilitation clinic.

In order for rehab to work, there are many key ingredients. The Providence Projects offers the most complete treatment programme available but only the addict or the alcoholic can make it work. In our experience, if the addict / alcoholic follows the suggestions and gives 100% effort to their treatment programme, they will recover.

The Providence Projects continue to invest time and money into research and training to ensure that as an organisation, it offers, pound for pound, the best rehabilitation programme in the UK.

For further information about our treatment programmes, advice about addiction treatment or alcohol rehab programmes, please e-mail or call us on 0800 955 0945

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