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Binge Drinking: Do I have a drinking problem?

Nov 9, 2017 By admin 0 comments

We don’t need to see the statistics to know how binge drinking is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. There are the special occasions which bring people out in their droves, particularly the young, seemingly to drink as much as they can. The newspapers have been full of pictures recently of the after effects of Fresher’s week at Universities throughout the country, followed by Halloween celebrations; no doubt similar pictures will appear around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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Drink Driving: Is it acceptable?

Oct 5, 2017 By admin 0 comments

Over many years, the government has invested millions in educating the public on the dangers of drink-driving.  There have been a range of powerful and hard-hitting campaigns demonstrating the awful consequences associated with drink driving, however the statistics suggest that this is all having very little impact.

1 in 7 of all road related deaths in 2017 were drink-drive related incidents and the numbers of people involved in drink drive related deaths has not improved since 2010.

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Prescription drug addiction: A growing problem

Sep 21, 2017 By admin 0 comments

The number of people seeking help for prescription drug addiction is continuing to grow.  This worrying trend, which we have seen at our residential drug rehab, The Providence Projects, has recently been highlighted by a range of high profile celebrities including Ant McPartlin and Tiger Woods.

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Gambling Addiction: An Epidemic?

Sep 14, 2017 By admin 0 comments

Our CEO, Paul Spanjar, has been asked to speak on both BBC radio and television in the last week regarding gambling addiction.  At the Providence Projects, we have experienced huge growth in demand for our gambling addiction treatment with some common themes.  Most commonly the addiction is either on-line gambling or FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals).  Both of these methods of gambling are incredibly destructive and can result in enormous losses.

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The New Government Drugs Addiction Treatment Strategy: More of The Same?

Sep 1, 2017 By admin 0 comments

The much delayed and anticipated Government drugs strategy was finally released in July and it appears we are in for more of the same.  Gone are the days of being able to access a residential rehab clinic through local authority funding, except for a very small number who have often had to wait for a long time.  

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The Providence Projects celebrated its 20th birthday in true style

Sep 19, 2016 By lee 0 comments

What a fabulous day. On Sunday September 11th, private alcohol and drug rehab, The Providence Projects celebrated its 20th birthday in true style. At the iconic Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth, on a glorious sunny day, ex-clients of The Providence Projects came from all over the UK and in fact the rest of the world to celebrate both their individual achievements, the success of The Providence Projects as well as catching up with old friends. As always seems to be the case, we were fortunate with the weather and people began to arrive as early as 10.30am.

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Anonymous or Not

Sep 19, 2016 By lee 0 comments

For the last few years September has been the time for many former addicts or alcoholics, now in recovery, to face a dilemma. Since 2011 September has been designated as Recovery Month in the UK following the example of the United States which has been celebrating recovery in this way since 1998.

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Gambling Addiction: The Silent Killer

Jul 14, 2016 By admin Tags: Gambling, Addiction 1 comments

2015 saw a worrying rise in the number of people requiring gambling addiction treatment. The rise in high street bookmakers, the increasing on-line presence and the relentless marketing of gaming websites continue to drive this industry forward.

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Tackling Scotland’s Unhealthy Relationship with Drink

Nov 19, 2015 By admin 0 comments

Members of the Scottish Parliament passed a bill three years ago to set a minimum unit price on alcohol in the country. However, the introduction of this pricing has faced a number of delays, most recently following an initial ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that stated the action may infringe on free trade rules in the EU. The advocate general of the ECJ, Yves Bot, did offer some hope to Scottish lawmakers, stating that the move could be legal if it were proven to be the only way to deliver the public health benefits sought by supporters of the bill.

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Reframing the War on Drugs

Oct 30, 2015 By admin 0 comments

Australia is finding itself in a situation in which it has to rethink its policies on drugs. Many of the Commonwealth nation’s policies on drugs were set over the last 50 years or so, in response (at least in part) to three UN treaties. With each treaty came new regulations and prohibitions on drug use – some of which may have been rolled out faster than authorities on the ground were able to keep pace with.

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