Why Is Cocaine Addictive?

Mar 9, 2018 By admin 0 comments

Cocaine is considered to be the second most addictive substance in the world. But what is it that makes cocaine so addictive? Read on to learn how cocaine addiction is caused and how it can be treated at private UK rehab, The Providence Projects.


What happens when you take cocaine?

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How Does Alcohol Rehab Work?

Mar 7, 2018 By admin 0 comments

With professional care and a positive attitude, alcohol rehab can help successful addiction recovery. But how does it work? Read on to learn how our alcohol rehab process works at The Providence Projects private rehab in Bournemouth.



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How to Help an Alcoholic Loved One

Mar 6, 2018 By admin 0 comments

Alcohol addiction can affect a whole family or a group of friends. Watching a loved one suffer from alcohol abuse can be frustrating and difficult. If you want to help a loved one get better and start alcohol addiction treatment, read our expert advice on how to offer your help.


Do your research

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I Have a Gambling Addiction. What Do I Do?

Feb 5, 2018 By admin 0 comments

According to the latest report by the Gambling Commission, about 430,000 people in the UK suffer from a form of gambling addiction. ‘Problem gambling’ is defined as gambling to the point where a person’s friends, family or personal recreations are disrupted or damaged. If you think you have an addiction and may need gambling addiction treatment, read on to learn from our experts at The Providence Projects.


Types of gambling addiction

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How much does alcohol rehab cost?

Feb 5, 2018 By admin 0 comments

At The Providence Projects, we are often asked ‘how much does alcohol rehab cost’? This is an important question when seeking alcohol addiction treatment. Here we explain the different factors involved and how you can find a finical estimate for your treatment.

Alcohol detox

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How Drug Abuse Affects Relationships

Jan 26, 2018 By admin 0 comments

We often hear about the damaging physical effects of drug abuse. But another important factor to consider is the negative effect drug addiction can have on an individual’s social health.  

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3 Signs Someone is Suffering from Drug Abuse

Jan 26, 2018 By admin 0 comments

Many people who have an unhealthy relationship with drugs can show various symptoms of their suffering. These signals can vary from person to person. Here we discuss some of the tell-tale signs that someone has a drug addiction and may require professional help.   


1. Physical changes

Physical signals of drug addiction may depend on which substance is being used. Common physical signs for many drugs include:

•    Red or glassy eyes
•    Nausea
•    Sweating or shaking

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Binge Drinking: Do I have a drinking problem?

Nov 9, 2017 By admin 0 comments

We don’t need to see the statistics to know how binge drinking is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. There are the special occasions which bring people out in their droves, particularly the young, seemingly to drink as much as they can. The newspapers have been full of pictures recently of the after effects of Fresher’s week at Universities throughout the country, followed by Halloween celebrations; no doubt similar pictures will appear around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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Drink Driving: Is it acceptable?

Oct 5, 2017 By admin 0 comments

Over many years, the government has invested millions in educating the public on the dangers of drink-driving.  There have been a range of powerful and hard-hitting campaigns demonstrating the awful consequences associated with drink driving, however the statistics suggest that this is all having very little impact.

1 in 7 of all road related deaths in 2017 were drink-drive related incidents and the numbers of people involved in drink drive related deaths has not improved since 2010.

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Prescription drug addiction: A growing problem

Sep 21, 2017 By admin 0 comments

The number of people seeking help for prescription drug addiction is continuing to grow.  This worrying trend, which we have seen at our residential drug rehab, The Providence Projects, has recently been highlighted by a range of high profile celebrities including Ant McPartlin and Tiger Woods.

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"Am so so grateful to the Provy. Simply would not be alive today without them. I was skin and bones, a ghost who had given up on life. I found a programme that I could work that has not just kept me sober, but has given me back a way of life that I never had had before. I feel now that I was meant to walk through those doors, I didn't understand at the time how ill I was. Provy staff and peers, supported me, signposted me, councelled me, hugged me, encouraged me, and never gave up on me. Today, I am looking after my son who is off school sick. It's taken 18 months to see him. And without the providence project, I am absolutely sure it wouldn't have happened. Today, is a miracle for me and my son. Thank you, I am so so grateful to you all xxx
"Today my husband Paul is 1 year clean and sober thanks to The Providence Projects, he has found himself again and is living the life he deserves. " A life beyond his wildest dreams " as it says in the big blue book - it's true
He initially signed up for 1 month but soon realised he needed a further 2 months. Paul has been dedicated and followed the advice given to him. He would not be here today if he hadn't been to The Providence Projects. I cannot thank or praise the program and staff enough I found them very supportive and would not hesitate to recommend them."
"A very special place, with wonderful staff. 3 years on life is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. Alcohol dependant and a chronic gambler the Provi gave me a platform to turn life around and that it has, meaningful relationships, wonderful friends and most importantly peace of mind. You told me good things would happen and they have - and continue to do so. Highly recommended..."