Prescription drug addiction: A growing problem

Prescription drug addiction: A growing problem

Sep 21, 2017 By Paul Spanjar 0 comments

The number of people seeking help for prescription drug addiction is continuing to grow.  This worrying trend, which we have seen at our residential drug rehab, The Providence Projects, has recently been highlighted by a range of high profile celebrities including Ant McPartlin and Tiger Woods.

Their journey into addiction has unfortunately become a common pathway.  We have seen so many clients over recent years, who, as a result of either an accident or chronic pain have been prescribed opiate based painkillers.  These painkillers, which can in the short term be effective in the management of pain, often result in dependency in the longer term.  As with all opiates, the individual often requires more medication for the same effect as their tolerance to the medication increases.  It is at this point that the opiate addiction strengthens.

Coping with a painkiller addiction

The individual often becomes aware of their dependency but does not want to tell family or friends.  Their dependency increases and they may often only realise the severity of the problem when they try to cut down or stop.  At this point, many find the withdrawal symptoms, and the cravings too difficult to manage and continue on the path of addiction. This is the point they may require drug rehab.

In many recent cases, people have resorted to buying more drugs online to feed their prescription drug addiction and so are often taking much more than their doctor, family or friends are aware of.  Buying any drugs online also presents other huge risks.

Long term effects of being addicted to painkillers

The long-term effects of these medications can include insomnia, depression, anxiety, loss of motivation and so much more.  Do not be fooled by the fact that these drugs are legal.  Addiction to prescription medication is still addiction.  It is no less damaging than any other drug addiction.

The most effective intervention in most cases is to get professional in-patient support.  At the Providence Projects, a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, we offer drug addiction treatments. During these drug detox programmes, you can be safely weaned off the medication in a controlled and supportive manner.  Importantly, during this time, you will also be able to get psychological and emotional support to help deal with underlying and related issues.  You will also develop the skills to cope without drugs or medication giving you a great opportunity for long term recovery and a life which is not dependent on any medication.

If you would like more information about our private alcohol and drug rehab centre and how you go about arranging rehab admission, please call and speak to one of our drug addiction treatment specialists on 0800 955 09 45.

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"An unassuming house in the heart of Boscombe where miracles happen. From my initial talk with Paul, the admission process with Jon and my induction with Darryl, I was treated with compassion, empathy and understanding. All the staff had been in the same position as me!...If you are looking for a wealth of experience and knowledge around addiction, a safe environment to turn your life around and a solid foundation for your ongoing recovery you will not be disappointed.”
"Today my husband Paul is 1 year clean and sober thanks to The Providence Projects, he has found himself again and is living the life he deserves. " A life beyond his wildest dreams "… He initially signed up for 1 month but soon realised he needed a further 2 months. Paul has been dedicated and followed the advice given to him. He would not be here today if he hadn't been to The Providence Projects. I cannot thank or praise the program and staff enough…”
"A very special place, with wonderful staff. 3 years on life is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. Alcohol dependant and a chronic gambler the Provi gave me a platform to turn life around and that it has, meaningful relationships, wonderful friends and most importantly peace of mind. You told me good things would happen and they have - and continue to do so. Highly recommended..."