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Do I have a gambling problem?

Answer the follwing

Did you ever lose time from work due to gambling?

Has gambling ever caused problems in your home life?

Has gambling affected your reputation with friends, loved ones or colleagues?

Do you ever feel remorseful or regretful after gambling?

Did you ever gamble hoping to solve financial difficulties?

Did gambling decrease your ambition or efficiency in other areas?

After losing, did you feel you must bet again to recover losses?

After winning, did you have an urge to win more?

Did you often gamble until everything had gone?

Did you ever borrow to finance your gambling?

Have you ever sold or pawned anything to gamble?

Were you reluctant to spend money on other activities?

Did you become careless about the security of you and / or your family?

Did you ever gamble more or longer than you planned?

Have you ever gambled to escape worry, boredom or loneliness?

Have you commited crime or considered doing so to finance gambling?

Did your gambling cause you to have difficulty sleeping?

Do arguments or frustration cause you to want to gamble?

Did you ever want to celebrate any good news by gambling?

Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of gambling?



Most compulsive gamblers will answer yes to at least 6 of these questions.  If you have or think your loved one would have, please call and speak to a specialist counsellor in complete confidence.

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The Providence Projects has been successfully delivering alcohol and drug rehab for over 20 years. The highly skilled counselling team and a proven and innovative treatment programme combine to ensure that all of our clients have the best possible chance of recovery.

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Steve Spiegel and Dr Turnbull agreed a mission when opening The Providence Projects in 1996 and our mission has remained the same; to provide effective and affordable addiction treatment in order to help men, women and families begin the process of recovery.

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