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For many families and individuals, the journey of alcoholism or addiction has caused such stress on the family unit, that they feel more comfortable with their loved one being escorted to treatment. It may also be convenient if the family are in other parts of the world or simply don’t have the time to get their loved one to rehab and can feel safe in the knowledge that they will actually get there!

For some people, the transition from home to rehab can be anxiety provoking. At The Providence Projects we do offer a service to make that journey as safe and as comfortable as possible by offering this service which involves a recovering person collecting the client, bringing them to rehab and offering them support and advice throughout the journey.

We are also able to this service if you are looking to come here from another treatment facility, hospital or centre abroad and just feel more comfortable travelling this way.

Our aim is that from beginning to end, all clients are given the support they need to ensure a seamless journey. This service is also available to those who have completed the programme and are happier to use this service than public transport or taxi.

If you would like to find out more about this service, please feel free to call us on 0800 9550945 to find out more.

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