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Please read what our clients and their families have to say.  In many ways, the evidence of a successful treatment programme is the feedback of the people that use the service.  Across our site and our facebook page, you will see a wide array of feedback and reviews which will give you a real insight into the experiences the residents have at The Providence Projects.  As I’m sure you will appreciate, there are 100’s more who would like to remain confidential but you will see from the reviews and feedback that we have, that in almost every instance, our clients are not only very happy with the service, but so are their families.

The average satisfaction rating is 94%

I walked into the providence projects after attempting 3

I walked into the providence projects after attempting 3 other treatment centres, believing that nothing would be different. How very wrong I was. I am just over a year clean from all mind altering substances thanks to the help and support that I received from the Provy. It has given me a springboard for life and the tools I need to live one that is happy and rewarding. Ultimately, I owe my life to the Provy as it was the place that taught me how to live it. All of the staff were absolutely phenomenal in the treatment process and still are a joy to bump into. I could never have asked for even half as much as I received from them. Thank you so much. I will be forever grateful for all that you have done for me.

Peter Slater,
26 August 2016
Treatment here saved my life, and i know for...

I was a client at Providence when i was 16, back in 2008. With hindsight, my time at the Provy was the first experience i ever had of caring treatment from adults, and the first time i learned that they could be safe. I had cycled between eating disorders, self harm and drug addiction from a very young age and had no idea how to live. I had dropped out of school with no qualifications, never worked a job in my life, and even after getting clean i thought that these things could never possibly change because there was something inherently wrong with me, that meant i would never be a capable, competent adult who could achieve things or change her life. I thought i would be dead before 30.

Years later, i'm now 24. I had a brief relapse after leaving Provy but got clean again - i truly believe this would never had happened had i not had such extensive therapy and love from the Provy team. The few months i spent in treatment were the only times i had experienced in which i felt some semblance of happiness and real connection with others. Those memories tarnished my relapse and i couldn't use in denial anymore, remembering what i had learned at the Provy, every time i picked up. I'm 7 years clean now. I just completed a Bachelors degree and achieved a First class Honours. I'm awaiting the start of my Masters degree in October. I have loving friendships in my life, as well as having ongoing therapy and a self-built life that allows me to travel and really take care of myself.

I will never forget the love i experienced at Provy. Looking back, i can see that the team were especially sensitive to the fact that as a 16 year old, they had a very young girl in their care. They looked out for me and they wanted more for me. The staff work tirelessly in extremely challenging circumstances and have an understanding of addiction that many of the governmental drug services tragically lack. I honestly and wholeheartedly cannot recommend The Providence Projects enough and would implore anyone who is fighting their own battle with addiction to give themselves a chance at a better life.

Treatment here saved my life, and i know for a fact that it has done the same for so many others <3

Vi Emily Aoife,
26 August 2016
Much love to my Provvi family

The foundation that was the spring board for not only me, and my life being completely revolutionised but all of my loved one's too. A commendable team of staff who's warm approach loved me when I did not know how to love my self. I will be eternally grateful and thus will my family who got there daughter/sister back from the grips of drug addiction. A safe and secure environment in which revcovery is facilitated and the tools for re intergrating into society are at hand. Much love to my Provvi family as always. Clean and Sober since 20/12/2012 and here is where it started. Xxxxx

Ruth Elizabeth Grantsmith,
9 August 2016
I am eternally grateful

May 28th 2010, Went to Provy for 4 week's, I had had many home detox over the years but constantly fell off the wagon. We kid ourselves that our addiction is the one thing we have control over!! when really we are out of control, addiction control's your every moment and destroy's not only yourself but your loved one's, I have enjoyed sobriety for just over 5 years and these have been some of the best year's of my life, I am a much stronger person than I ever gave myself credit for. I learned so much in my 4 week's, the detox is the easy part, it was hard work and I was hacked of in the first week but I persevered and learned a lot, had I not I would not be here now. I cannot imagine going back to that life and feeling so physically ill and mentally tortured with guilt and a whole lot of other sadness and pain I had carried with me for so long alway's wallowing in self pity thinking everyone was just trying to stop the only thing that made me happy, when really it was the drink that was making me depressed and distorting how I perceived thing's. I would not be where I am today if I had not found the Provy and the wonderful team that helped me through, I am eternally grateful and would urge anyone who as problem's with drink or drug's not to hesitate in giving them a call, life's precious I am so glad I have one , so glad to be alive to watch my 3 beautiful children and 3 grand children grow. Thank's so much to all the team at the Provy, love Sharon x

Sharon Jackson,
9 August 2016
I would not have a life today if it was not for this place

I would not have a life today if it was not for this place. The love, care and respect shown to everyone that walks through their doors is amazing. Not only did The Providence Project show me that I needed to change, it gave me the tools to actually do it.

Jennifer Jane O'Keefe,
9 August 2016
This place saved my life

This place saved my life. I cannot fault it! Absolutely amazing.

Leila Magrabi,
9 August 2016

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Reviews from Facebook

"An unassuming house in the heart of Boscombe where miracles happen. From my initial talk with Paul, the admission process with Jon and my induction with Darryl, I was treated with compassion, empathy and understanding. All the staff had been in the same position as me!...If you are looking for a wealth of experience and knowledge around addiction, a safe environment to turn your life around and a solid foundation for your ongoing recovery you will not be disappointed.”
"Today my husband Paul is 1 year clean and sober thanks to The Providence Projects, he has found himself again and is living the life he deserves. " A life beyond his wildest dreams "… He initially signed up for 1 month but soon realised he needed a further 2 months. Paul has been dedicated and followed the advice given to him. He would not be here today if he hadn't been to The Providence Projects. I cannot thank or praise the program and staff enough…”
"A very special place, with wonderful staff. 3 years on life is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. Alcohol dependant and a chronic gambler the Provi gave me a platform to turn life around and that it has, meaningful relationships, wonderful friends and most importantly peace of mind. You told me good things would happen and they have - and continue to do so. Highly recommended..."